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MSGTAG Status 2


We've added heaps of new features, overhauled the whole tagging engine and removed many bugs. MSGTAG Status version 2 is the most comprehensive, up-to-date version of MSGTAG available. We strongly recommend upgrading to this new version in order to experience the absolute best MSGTAG can offer.

UPDATE: Version 2.5 is now available as a free upgrade to all users of Status2. Check the version 2.5 changelog and then download your upgrade.

  • Tag multiple recipients
    MSGTAG's new tagging engine allows individual tags to be sent to all contacts on your e-mail (TO, CC and BCC.) They're even grouped together on the MSGTAG dashboard so you can see who has got the message and who hasn't.
  • Improved compatibility with mail clients
    MSGTAG now tightly integrates with more mail programs, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, and has support for many more.
  • Secure server communications
    MSGTAG can now communicate with the MSGTAG tagging service securely, ensuring your password and mail details are kept secure from prying eyes.
  • SMTP authentication support
    Many modern mail servers require that you authenticate before sending mail through them. MSGTAG now can use the most popular authentication methods: CRAM-MD5, PLAIN and LOGIN.
  • SSL/TLS support
    If your mail server supports it, your mail can be encrypted in transit using SSL or TLS — another way MSGTAG keeps your mail safe and secure.
  • Stylish new interface
    The MSGTAG dashboard interface has been updated for 2005.
  • Mutual Mail
    Exclusive to MSGTAG, Mutual Mail allows you to send message tags to mail programs that don't support the regular method of tagging. This will require them to confirm that they wish to see the message — if they don't confirm, they don't get to see the message. As soon as they confirm, you'll be notified that they're reading it.
  • SMS notification
    Now you can carry MSGTAG around in your pocket with SMS notification. Select to be notified by SMS when someone reads your message so you'll know if they got the message while you're out of the office or away from home.
  • Toaster popup when your mail is read
    You can now optionally turn on a small window that pops up from your system tray when one of your messages have been received, telling you which message was read. Yet another way we're helping you know if they got the message.
  • Customize your MSGTAG footer how you like it
    Now you can use colours, effects and MSGTAG icons in your MSGTAG footer to make it your own. The MSGTAG footer is optionally shown on the bottom of messages you send out that are tagged.
  • Change notification method after sending
    MSGTAG allows you to change the notification method – whether you want to be told by e-mail, by SMS, or only on the dashboard – after the message has been sent. Worried if someone's going to read your mail before you get into work tomorrow? No problem; change the notification method to SMS before you leave and you'll be SMSed if they do.
  • Export/archive dashboard entries to disk
    Dashboard getting cluttered? Archive some of those entries off to a file, and use any popular spreadsheet or database like Microsoft Excel® to manage them. If statistics are what you're after – maybe you want to know the average response time for a subset of your clients – export your dashboard to CSV and use a spreadsheet to calculate it.
  • Improved e-mail read notifications
    We've upgraded the look of our e-mail read notifications to make them easier to read and manage.
  • Bug fixes
    MSGTAG is committed to a high quality user experience.

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