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MSGTAG Status 2

The following features and bugfixes are new in MSGTAG version 2.5 (Build If you're looking for the changes from version 1.4.5 to version 2.0, please view the version 2.0 changelog.

Download MSGTAG Status 2.5The latest version of MSGTAG is always available for download from the MSGTAG web site.

  • Access to MSGTAG Online lets you view your dashboard from any computer
  • Email address changes can now be performed at MSGTAG Online
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Huge overhaul of the email tagging and sending code
  • Better handling of activation codes and support requests
  • Optional pop-up notification for new versions
  • Support for top secret new features coming later this year
  • Fixed tray icon display problems
  • Fixed problems locating the Windows Application Data directory
  • Changes to fix zero-second timeout problems
  • New installs use instead of "localhost" for Vista support
  • Better debugging added
  • Used activation keys are handled in a more sensible way
  • Socket Error # 10053 will now be handled with a retry
  • Fixed bug where connections QUITted while being used
  • 2xx authentication bug fixed
  • Added Help -> Send Message to MSGTAG Support

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