Email read notifications: Receive an email when your message is read, detailing when the message was sent, when it was received, and the time elapsed in between.
  • Works with Incredimail
  • Supports multiple email accounts Send emails from multiple email accounts on the same computer, and have MSGTAG tag them all. Read notifications for all email accounts are sent to one email address. to
  • Message footer: Your recipients see a small MSGTAG footer, indicating that you now know they've read the email.
  • Customize your message footer Add your own text to the footer, instead of the default MSGTAG footer message.
  • Remove your message footer Make your footer invisible, so your friends won't know that you're tagging your messages.
  • Unlimited email technical support
  • Can tag emails with multiple recipients. Every recipient of your email gets an individual tag.
  • Dashboard to keep track of tagged messages: Eliminates the need for email receipts. See at a glance which messages have been tagged, received, and when.
  • Email notifications optional: Choose whether to receive email notifications for certain messages.

  • Specify tagging & notification settings for groups of contacts. (Contact settings override your current settings, so all messages to certain contacts can be tagged the same way).
  • SMS notification for those critical notifications you just can't miss.
  • SSL/TLS and Gmail support, enhanced security and communication settings.
  • New "Mutual Mail" tagging method which provides a new way to request a tag from recipients who normally block message tags.Find out more.