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MSGTAG announces the next generation of its email read notification software with the release of MSGTAG Status version 2. The new version of MSGTAG features enhanced security, group tagging, SMS notification, and more powerful notification and management options.

CHRISTCHURCH – New Zealand, October 5, 2005 — Fisher Young Group today announces the version 2 release of its popular email read notification software, MSGTAG Status. An absolute must have for anyone who has ever sent an email and wondered “have they got it yet?”, MSGTAG notifies the sender when the recipient has read the email. The original version of MSGTAG was released in early 2002, and provides its users with an easy, reliable, and secure way to tell whether an email has been read by the recipient. A free trial of the software is available from the MSGTAG web site at

The latest in the MSGTAG range, Status version 2, gives even greater control to the user by providing new notification options, a facility for managing multiple recipients, and a new, optional tagging method, Mutual Mail. "Status 2 sets a new standard for read notification software," says MSGTAG co-founder, Roger Nesbitt. "We put a lot of work into making it easy to use, but packed full of the features our users have been asking for. Everyone who's seen it loves it."

MSGTAG Status 2 features:

MSGTAG Status 2 embraces new industry-standard security techniques to ensure that emails arrive safely and securely at their destination. SMTP authentication and SSL/TLS encryption are built in, protecting mail communications from prying eyes. These technologies allows Status 2 to connect with any SMTP mail server, including Google's free Gmail service.

Mutual Mail
Changes to email client technology in recent years have impacted the effectiveness of traditional read notification methods. Mutual Mail is a new method, exclusive to MSGTAG, that interoperates with mail clients that no longer support traditional methods. When a Mutual Mail tag is sent to a recipient with this kind of mail client, the recipient must expressly acknowledge the tag in order to read the email. No additional software is required by the recipient. Mutual Mail is an optional and additional tagging method that is available to users of the new version of MSGTAG Status.

Group tagging
Emails sent to multiple recipients through the use of the To, CC and BCC options in the user's mail client will now be individually tagged. Messages that have been addressed to multiple recipients are indented on the MSGTAG Status 2 dashboard. MSGTAG cannot be used to send unsolicited bulk email, and automated systems are in place to stop abuse of this feature.

SMS notification
Users of the new version of MSGTAG Status can now elect to receive MSGTAG notifications to their SMS-capable mobile phone. All new purchases or upgrades to MSGTAG Status 2 include an introductory set of SMS credits, and further credits can be purchased through the MSGTAG web site.

A host of additional features are also available in MSGTAG Status 2, including the ability to change the notification method after an email has been sent. For example, a user about to leave the office can change the notification method from “e-mail” to “SMS” so that they find out when the message has been read without having to be at their desk. There's also an archive feature for the dashboard so notification details can be backed up and removed from the application, some powerful new email footer editing options, and stylish interface modifications that give MSGTAG a new, fresh look.

System requirements and availability
MSGTAG Status 2 is available as a download from the MSGTAG website at Status 2 is priced at an introductory US$49.95 for a single-user license, with discounts available for volume licensing. A feature-limited free version of MSGTAG that allows single tags to be sent is also available from the site. Minimum system requirements for running the MSGTAG software are Microsoft Windows (98, ME, 2000 or XP), one of the popular mail clients (such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Incredimail, Eudora), and an email account that uses the SMTP protocol for sending mail. Google's Gmail is also supported.

About the company
MSGTAG is a product of Fisher Young Group, a New Zealand company formed in 2002. The company contracted eCOSM (, a Christchurch software development company, to create the MSGTAG software. eCOSM is the company that developed MailWasher Pro, the popular anti-spam application, for Firetrust ( Fisher Young Group leads the way in the field of automatic email read notification software.

Fisher Young Group has its headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch is home to some of the most exciting and resourceful Internet companies in the Asia-Pacific region, including Tait Electronics, and Aoraki Corporation, producers of the Jade development environment.

Contact details
Simon Young
Fisher Young Group Limited
PO Box 11 363
Wellington 6042
New Zealand


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